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School Statistics Facts


In fall 2017, about 50.7 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools. Of these, 35.6 million will be in prekindergarten through grade 8 and 15.1 million will be in grades 9 through 12. An additional 5.2 million students are expected to attend private elementary and secondary schools.


Public school systems will employ about 3.2 million full-time-equivalent (FTE) teachers in fall 2017. A projected 0.4 million FTE teachers will be working in private schools this fall. 

Schools and Districts

In 2014–15, there were about 13,600 public school districts with close to 98,200 public schools, including about 6,700 charter schools. In fall 2015, there were about 34,600 private schools offering kindergarten or higher grades (forthcoming).

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